• PowerGuide manual steering system

    • Eliminates overlaps and missed spots
    • Saves ~10% of input and labour costs
    • Compatible with multiple RTK correction networks
    • Easy switch between tractors in minutes
    • Full record keeping of all operations
    • 1-season return on investment from 10 Ha

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  • PowerSteer autosteering system

    • Provides ±2.5cm accuracy on all terrains with the All-in-one Controller
    • Saves ~15% on your input and labour costs
    • Suitable for all tractor models which are front-wheel steer
    • Initial setup time from 30 min
    • 1-season return on investment from 15 Ha
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Premium subscription of FieldBee Tractor GPS Navigation App

FieldBee Navigation App is one of the best tractor navigation applications on the market. It boasts multiple navigation patterns, advanced record-keeping and field management functionality, and many more helpful features.

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  • Affordable price

  • Easy to install

  • 30 days money-back guarantee

  • Made in the EU